We have experience from wires to wireless and offer a full range of Telecom facilities.

Our call charge packages allow you save money on every call you make. Ask for a rate card and be see what you can save on every call.

Phone solutions that integrate into your buisness are standard fare for us.

Stay connected to your customers in ways that suit you needs.

It started with Voice-over-IP which put telephone calls over the computer (IP) network. It has evolved with SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) as an ISDN replacement technology. It is a revolution in the way that you can manage your telephone communications and it embraces all the technologies we have come to rely upon such as PC’s, Email, Internet, WiFi and mobile phones.

As standard, you get voicemail, voicemail to email and auto-attendant. If you have more than one connected location, calls between these sites are free. By using SIP to replace your ISDN lines you will see a big reduction in line charges and on average a 30% reduction in national and mobile call costs.

With the web based voice services, should your system fail, an automated failover takes place so that your calls are diverted to your pre-defined alternatives such as mobiles or a second office and if you cannot get to the office you can enforce the failover to provide business continuity and disaster recovery!

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